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Discover and nurture the artist in you with lessons, practice and personal help from Ross Certified Linda Powell and the Wonderful World of Painting

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Get some hands-on painting experience and find out how easy it really is to paint using the wet-on-wet painting technique. Half hour Video Lessons are avaiable on this website that feature a number of styles and techniques. Follow along and hone your skills (or discover your inner artist for the first time!)

With 100s of lessons appearing on Atlantic Canada's Eastlink TV, Linda & John (both Ross Certified) have been hosting their own TV show, Wonderful World of Painting, since 2004.

With COVID light at the end of the tunnel, Workshop Events will re-open in August. Linda will take you (in person) step-by-step, through the painting process to its completion.

More about the Wonderful World of Painting

Wonderful World of Painting presents DVD’s at reasonable prices from the television series first started in 2004 and produced yearly by John and Linda Powell and EastLink TV. This series came about as an idea from one of the Managers of the TV station, seeing John paint a scene while holding a “show and sale” at a Mall near his home. Within thirty minutes John had completed a landscape, framed it, and hung it for sale. After the pilot shows were taped, and approved, production started on the first thirteen shows in summer of 2004. As of summer 2009, one hundred and forty-three shows have been produced.

The painting program has kick started many viewers into the world of art for the first time; some re-entering it after many years. The TV station gets feedback from viewers either by phone or email, all of which have been positive. Some of those viewers also attend the full day workshops put on in various areas of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward. As time goes on, John and Linda hope to expand their workshops.

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