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John Powell

John Powell

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John Powell, a photographer for thirty-three years, began studying oil painting under William Alexander, with the Magic of Oil Painting organization in 1986. He became a Certified Ross Instructor (CRI) in 1994, studying under various instructors, including Bob Ross’s son, Steve, and Bob’s personal friend and chief instructor, Dana Jester.

Almost immediately after graduation John was invited to appear on the local community television channel to demonstrate the Bob Ross technique. Because of this appearance, he was asked to appear on the Atlantic Satelite Network show, Breakfast Television. His paintings have also been shown on Canada AM by Jeff Hutchison. The blending of soft colours in tranquil scenes make his paintings a delight to own; peaceful and relaxing to view.

John has been teaching since 1986, currently teaching at locations throughout the Maritimes, including various Community Colleges in Nova Scotia. He loves to see the happy faces of students who complete their own individual masterpieces during the full day workshops and all those who attend appreciate his patience, people skills, and talent for teaching.

John has since passed away, however, you will find many of his videos right here with plenty to teach and lots to learn about from his exemplary skills in painting. 

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