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Linda Powell

Linda Powell

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Linda Powell, an artist whose floral paintings sell almost before they are dry, has been painting in various mediums since 1972. 

Linda is a Certified Ross Land/Seascape, Floral, Wildlife and Grisaille Instructor and loves teaching others to paint Flowers, Wildlife, and Grisaille.

Linda has studied under artists in the United States and Canada, learning other techniques such as "pen and ink" and "rouging" (painting a transparent oil or acrylic colour over the pen and ink). She also uses a Dutch Master’s technique of under painting in grey tints and over painting with oil colour, when painting birds, animal, and some scenic paintings. Her student’s imaginations and creativity are challenged in a relaxing, stress free, fun environment.

A photographer for twenty-five years, Linda has studied various forms of art and varying subjects, but specializes in florals. She has the ability to show people, in a very simple step-by-step way, how to use the brushes and paints to create a beautiful floral painting. She started teaching ting in 1995 and become a full time artist in 2002, leaving the photography world behind to concentrate on honing her skills.

Linda Powell travels extensively to search out subject matter for her paintings. She also teaches in various locations in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward and New Brunswick, including Nova Scotia Community Colleges and donates time to teach at rehabilitation centers for shut-ins at federal institutions.

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