Landscape & Seascape Supplies

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Tips and Tools for Landscape and Seascape Painting

Top Tip: About your acrylic paints: Bob Ross brushes and paints are used, however water misable paints can also be used although they are “stickier”.  If trying to paint images from the Wonderful World of Painting Video Lessons in acrylic (especially land/seascapes) then extender will have to be used to keep some areas wet enough to blend. MORE TIPS and SAFETY

Brushes we use in our Land and Seascape Lessons

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Land and Seascape Checklist

Primarily for making evergreen trees, and highlighting trees & bushes.

Used to cover your canvas, painting clouds, skies, water, mountains, trees, bushes, and other numerous effects. By having 2 of these brushes you'll save time washing and lessen the amount of paint used.

Used for painting fine detail and for signing your work. 

The larger of the fan brushes, is used in both land and seascapes. Great for tree trunks, evergreen trees, and other detail work such as foothills, soft grassy areas as well as the splashes on waves.

Foe mountains, trees, fences, rocks, stones, paths, buildings, etc.


  • Tip: Use natural bristle brushes skip the nylon, polyester, etc. 
  • Tip: Avoid washing the brushes in soap and water! 
  • Tip: Clean your brushes with odorless thinner 

Other brushes we use but not necessarily in these paintings

1" Round 
Also used for doing what the 1" Brush does.

1/2" Round 
Will create beautiful shaped bushes and foliage.

2” Blender
Soft, delicate, subtle, misty, blending eye of the wave.

#3 Bristle Fan 
Great for smaller detailed areas that the #6 fan is too large for.

#6 Filbert 
Used mostly in seascapes but also tree trunks and other small detail work.

Paints for Landscapes and Seascapes

Alizarin Crimson
Indian Yellow
Phthalo Blue
Yellow Ochre
Bright Red
Midnight Black
Phthalo Green
Mountain Mix
Dark Sienna
Prussian Blue
Titanium White
Sap Green
Van Dyke Brown
Cadmium Yellow
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